Weight Loss Surgery

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Achieve your health and weight-loss goals with help from the expert team at Hurghada Surgery. You’ll find bariatric surgery along with comprehensive support and follow-up care.

Enjoy comprehensive specialty care from a dedicated weight-loss team, including:

  • Senior Consultant Surgeon – Performs your surgery
  • Physician assistant (PA) – Provides pre- and post-operative care and education, as well as assists during your surgery
  • Internist – Provides pre- and post- operative medical assessment especially for patients with DM and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Bariatric nurse – Provides education before your bariatric surgery, as well as clinical support
  • Dietitian – Works with you to educate and monitor your nutritional intake plan to maximize and maintain your healthy weight loss
  • Clinical health psychologist – Helps you make behavioural changes that support healthy habits

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