A colonoscopy is a specialized examination that allows your surgeon to look inside your large intestine (colon). A colonoscope is a long thin and flexible tube with a high definition video camera attached to one end and controls at the other end. This allows your doctor to guide the colonoscope safely to the areas to be examined.

Why Do I Need This Procedure?

This test is usually recommended for evaluation of symptoms of the colon (such as bleeding, change in bowel patterns, abdominal discomfort) or for colorectal cancer screening. The large intestine is the site of numerous disorders such as haemorrhoids or piles, inflammation, polyps and cancer. If needed, and where technically possible, treatment can also be performed through the colonoscope, at the same examination. For example, a polyp can be painlessly removed through the colonoscope using electrocautery (electrical heat).


18 November 2019