Cancer Risk Assessment Program

Cancer Risk Assessment Program, is a tool used to predict the possibility of developing cancer in the future or if you already have a cancer that is still hidden. It consists of thorough history taking, examination and designing a protocol of tests that will help in the diagnosis of if as early as possible. 👉Our cancer risk assessment services can: 1. Help you understand what is known about risk factors for cancer. 2. Answer questions and talk with you about your personal cancer related concerns. 3. Help guide surgical decisions for newly diagnosed cancer patients. 4. Review your family history, medical history and lifestyle risk factors. 5. Talk to you about genetic testing and assist in making a decision about this option, when appropriate. 6. Provide a written summary of your level of risk. 7. Outline a plan for continued monitoring for early detection and personal risk. 8. Provide information for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and are interested in learning about the role of genetics in their diagnoses. 9. Provides genetic counseling services. 10. Provide education and support programs for individuals at high risk for cancer. د. تامر الزلبانى Dr. Tamer El Zalabany

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